the water machine

Our Atmospheric Water Generator produces 26 liters of pure drinking water a day, and several filters keep every drop safe and clean.

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how it works

Our machines use state of the art water condensation and filtration technology to extract pure drinking water from the surrounding air.

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Never buy another bottle of drinking water again! Finally know what you are drinking, start producing your own water from air at home today.

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Welcome to Pure Aqua Thailand

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Make Your Own Water From Air

The Pure Aqua Thailand Atmospheric Water Generator extracts humidity from the air and turns it into 99.9% pure, delicious drinking water - quietly, efficiently, and without plastic bottles - enjoy the invigorating taste of the cleanest drinking water on Earth!

Pure Aqua Thailand offers house hold and office machines, our atmospheric water generators are a must have for every modern kitchen.

special offer

Originally 54,000 THB, now only 45,000 THB with a full 12 months guarantee, also includes extra full set of four filters and UV lights worth 3,000 THB.

  • Makes up to 30 litres of pure drinking water a day
  • We now have a factory trained engineer here in Hua Hin

Interesting Facts

"Antidepressants, antibiotics, steroids and fragrances are among the products that have been detected in surface waters. Some of the contaminants have been found in fish tissue. Some compounds not only get through sewage plants, they also survive purification of drinking supplies and have been measured in trace amounts in municipal tap water."
- Artificial sweeteners found in river water and drinking supplies