Make your own water from the air we breathe...

...enjoy pure drinking water anytime you like!

This home/office atmospheric water generation machine is a humidity and temperature driven self contained unit making water from air. It generates up to 32 liters of pure drinking water per day depending on the specific atmospheric conditions where the machine is located.

The machine simply replaces the need to rely on munciple water systems, transport, storage and consumption of bottled water.

Our atmospheric water generators are the solution for a growing demand to supply safe and pure drinking water worldwide. We offer white and silver models to suit your lifestyle and home/office decor.

Benefits Over Bottled Water

  • Safer than bottled water
  • Cleaner than bottled water
  • Cheaper than bottled water

Benefits For You

  • Always a safe source of water
  • No more heavy bottles to carry
  • Dehumidification for better air

Solar Power Kit

We offer a solar energy generation kit to be able to produce water when not being conntected to the electricy grid. CLICK HERE to check it out now!

Our Water Generators are equipped with state of the art technology. CLICK to find out more about the technology of our atmospheric water generators, or CLICK HERE to get yours now!