Bradley Grosh

All in 1 solution, I would say a must have for office and home, saved me a fortune on bottled water for my employees. Wife & kids using it everyday at home plus refill & carry pure drinking water when outside"

Robert Stott

The machine is simple to use and the quality of the water is beyond compare. It just makes sense that when you can change a gas into a liquid in a controlled environment…that the resulting liquid will be as pure as is scientifically possible. Then the water is exposed to UV lighting and a complex filtration process ….

Ruth von D

Having as much control of my food and water supply is very important to me. I learned quickly how to properly maintain the machine, and when needing some assistance for an unknown situation, the team provides clear and timely guidance.

Solar Powered Atmospheric Water Generation


Our 3000 Watt Peak Solar Kit contains:

  • Atmospheric Water Generator
  • Solar Panel
  • Controller
  • Inverter
  • Cabinet & Cables

An OFF-GRID Solution for our Atmospheric Water Generator will allow you to generate between 4-12 Liters of Water per day, depending on the humidity and temperature conditions.

This solution is intended for Emergency use or Off-Grid use, it is modular and can be expanded depending on individual needs by adding extra solar panels and extra batteries to allow for longer runtime and water production. Two 200 AH batteries are required but not included in this kit. Please contact your local retailer (car parts store) to purchase your batteries.

Price: 135,000 Thai Baht